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 How To Fail At Recruiting

Adopt a transactional model where the candidate is ultimately seen as a commodity resulting in a commission. 

Measure a recruiter's success by KPIs, meaningless base metrics, quotas, and activity versus results.​​

 Invest little to no time into understanding a candidate's deeper motivators or aligning their own goals with the role. 

  "Matching" a candidate's core skills, and experience to the functional or technical needs of the role without understanding company culture.

Commit "Effort to Traction" contributing the greatest effort to the easiest search projects. 

Provide zero incentive to dedicate to a specific search campaign or client above others.

Target “Active” candidates who are currently in the market and already interviewing for multiple opportunities.​​

Saddle recruiters with extensive workloads resulting in a significantly lower level of service.

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