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 Technology Recruiting Is Our Focus
    We started here, we didn't stumble into this industry.

It wasn't simply a "new arena" to explore, another option to diversify our agency brand, or a smart investment to expand service offerings.

Our journey as recruiters started with the "Big Iron Age" when COBOL ruled as King and we have passed through each twist and turn of technology's evolution,  and every minor and major iteration, 

This means we have recruited nearly every known skillset, function, tool, and software within the technology spectrum. 


 We know the industry, the market, and most importantly how to engage those well-qualified technologists YOUR ORGANIZATION needs to hire.

Behind us is a long history of successful search and recruitment for  local, national, and global IT markets at executive levels.

Choose a true Recruiting Specialist that  possesses the knowledge and experience needed to meet common market demands; as well as the strategic intelligence to deliver to your technical teams the top candidates working in emerging and specialized niche skill-sets.

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