Retained Service Solutions 

A Cradle to Grave solution specifically crafted to fit your organization's unique hiring needs.

This covenant grants exclusivity to our Team and will demand a collaborative relationship.

The role will only be hired through the direct efforts of our Team: this includes the understanding that neither 3rd party service providers nor the client's own Internal Recruiting resources are actively working the role.

What Are The Advantages?

  • Creates a centralized Point Of The Spear partnership with the consultant serving as a single fully dedicated, fully vested  agency.

  • Communication is much more exacting, responsive, dynamic and thorough than a Contingency process. This may include involving the Search Consultant in regular meetings, and conference calls with Stakeholders, hiring authorities, In-House Human Resources or corporate Recruiting teams.

  • Engaging a single Recruitment Consultant results in strategically-focused efforts that lead to effective High market PENETRATION

  • The Retained Search process is focused on identifying, engaging and brokering the hiring of the very best overall candidate

  • Retained Consultants execute strategically and  penetrate into a specific skill-set or target market. 

  • The qualification process is balanced to create a Value-Proposition that truly serves both Client and Candidate.  Efforts are directed at "Aligning" a candidate's long-term goals, desires as well as core skills,  to the overall opportunity.

  • Much of the vetting process is targeted to fully understanding a candidate's deeper motivators and the intangible factors behind engaging them.

  • Efforts are aimed at “Passive” candidates who may be open to the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY who are not actively pursuing other roles.

  • Exclusivity allows the Retained Consultant to serve as a true Agent in brokering the relationship.

  • Exclusivity allows for a streamlined Recruitment process and a centralized point of contact for all candidate communication.

  • Retained Consultants have a dedicated workload of approximately 1-3 unique search assignments. 

  • Dedicated workloads result in significantly deeper level of service compared to Contingency Solutions.

  • A Retained Consultant's success is measured by a consummated offer of direct employment.

  • The best qualified candidates prefer to work with Retained Agencies who have exclusive representation with a specific client or role.

  • A Retained Recruitment initiative leverages a RELATIONAL philosophy working to mutually align values for all parties and broker solutions

  • Scope of service is generally limited to the initial placement and ensuring a candidate fulfills the terms of any "Guarantee Policy" the firm offers

                               Disadvantages of this Model

  • Not advantageous for "Just In Time" hiring for purely temporary, seasonal, staff augmentation or lower-level/skill positioning.

  • Retained Search processes are not driven commonly by project deadlines but more by seeking an exact candidate fit.

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