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​The Advantages of Exclusivity
  • Exclusivity allows for a streamlined recruitment process and a centralized channel for all candidate engagement.  

  • Creates a centralized partnership with the consultant serving as a single fully dedicated, fully vested agency.

  • Lends toward responsive and direct communication with clients and stakeholders, and the ability to strategize, define goals.  set clear expectations, and create momentum as candidates move through the hiring stages.

  • Communication is much more exacting, responsive, dynamic and thorough than a contingency process. This may include involving the Search Consultant in regular meetings, and conference calls with Stakeholders, hiring authorities, In-House Human Resources or corporate Recruiting teams.

  • The qualification process is balanced to create a value proposition that truly serves both Client and Candidate.  Efforts are directed at "Aligning" a candidate's long-term goals, desires as well as core skills,  to the overall opportunity.

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