Software Engineer (PHP/LAMP) $110-$125K

Wilmington, Delaware · Information Technology


You are a professional, for it's not an occupation, or simply a job it's your element and unlike many others; you didn't slip, stumble and fall into building software, you chose this career path and you are pretty damned good at what you do.

You eat, sleep and breathe technology, and when you bleed it’s not red; it’s a flow from the wells of deep understanding from every aspect of software design, development, and architecture painstakingly forged into your brain through the crucible of many years of trial-and-error.


As an information technologist, you have put in the time, proven your merit, and left your mark along the way.

Those who know you best recognize your value, and the difference you make on the team or project. Peers say that you are being dedicated to the cause, collaborative in your work, creative, intuitive, never settling for the status quo, or being “Good Enough” and always stretching the limitations of technology to its breaking point in the pursuit of excellence.


But lately, you feel like there is something missing

Perhaps you are losing the fire in your soul and the spark in your eye.

Maybe your career progression has stalled or you have hit that proverbial glass ceiling in your current company.

It just may be too many long hours, too much work, too much pressure, and not enough real reward.

Whatever the issues might be it's a cold hard fact, these days you look forward more to end the day than starting the morning.


Weekends cannot come fast enough, and just the thought of dropping off the grid and escaping the grind a few days is the fuel that gets you through the work. But by Sunday night you feel the angst and dread of another week in paradise creeping steadily into the pit of your stomach.

Looking For Hope & Change?
My direct client’s Hybrid Artificial Intelligence technology is quickly disrupting the fast-growing Data Privacy industry and we are looking for talented Full-stack engineers like you to join the team as we continue to imagine and create best in class software solutions.

What Software Products Will I Build In This Role?
This technology is used by Fortune 500 companies to help protect customer data and comply with the privacy laws around the world. Their flagship product is a  SaaS privacy management platform trusted by several Fortune 500 organizations, to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other essential privacy, and data governance laws. This technology provides “Data-Risk-Intelligence” to help stop PII data leaks, visualize data flow, automate data mapping, and fulfill DSAR requests. 

What Impact Will I Have?
Be a part of a company with a proven product, strong company culture, and a well-defined path to career advancement. As a Senior member within our small but growing development team, your contribution will be recognized, your impact will be felt, your input and ideas welcomed, and most importantly:  You will make a difference!

Is There a Clear Path to Succeed?
The sky is literally the limit for the person who recognizes the opportunity and is willing to prove themselves in this role. We favor promoting from within the ranks and our continued growth as a provider in this industry fully demands it. Our strategy means hiring people who are ambitious, driven, and motivated by professional advancement, career-oriented goals, and the rewards that follow a job well-done. On our team, you will find no obstacles to continued success and upward mobility.

What About Career Security?
The data protection market was valued at USD 49.72 Billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 119.95 Billion by 2022. Come join a team of data professionals at the forefront of this exciting market.

What Are the Accountabilities of this Role?
Serving as one of the key members of our product engineering team you will be instrumental in leading the design, and development of great products. You will provide technical guidance to our engineering team and oversee the technical aspects of all projects. Your experience will benefit other members of the team as you work side-by-side in collaborative efforts to build the absolute best products in our market space. As a Senior asset, you will have responsibility for code review, project oversight, and providing mentoring for less experienced software developers.

The Technical Landscape
Role & Function: Lead Developer, (8-10 Years Exp)
Role & Function: Senior Developer, (5+ Years Exp)
Technology Stacks: LAMP: Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP
Development: PHP
Operating Systems: Linux 
Database: MySQL 

What Should I Expect Once I Apply?

  • Expect that your resume will be reviewed by a live human being within 24-hours and you will be contacted for additional information to advance into the hiring process.

  • Expect that an initial discovery meeting will be set up via ZOOM to answer any questions you may have about the role and validate your alignment in preparation for client review of your candidacy.

  • Expect that once client approval is given you will be scheduled for a telephone call with the client CEO.

  • Expect a clear and responsive qualification process and that you are given full consideration against the role.

  • Expect a definitive and thorough follow-up at each stage of the process and closure regardless of the final decision.