What Exactly Is A Recruiting Audit?

At AccuraSearch we operate from the position that no matter how effective and efficient your operation is there is ALWAYS room for improvement!

In short it's all about optimization and creating better returns on the money, time and efforts your Recruitment teams are already investing into making your organization the very best!


First we will conduct an initial audit of the world your talent acquisition people live and work within; taking a deep but comprehensive dive into the machinations of your company's recruitment apparatus.

 The audit procedure allows us to quickly yet clearly define where issues may exist that have an impact on your team's overall performance and results.​

This begins with a brutal analysis of every moving piece from systems, tools, technologies, processes and workflows to your methodologies, and work philosophies. 

We will then thoroughly document our findings and deliver them to stakeholders with a No Holds barred yet professional presentation.  And finally we will make high-level recommendations based on this audit for client review and open an honest dialogue around possible remedies. 

Why Hire A Recruitment Consultant? 
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