Technology Recruiting Is Our Focus

  Accurasearch brings to bear over two decades of experience within information technology recruiting successfully delivering solutions in aggressive markets servicing high volume hiring initiatives.

We started here, we didn't stumble into this industry.

It wasn't simply a "New Arena" to explore, another option to diversify our agency brand, or a smart investment to expand service offerings.

Our journey as recruiters started with the "Big Iron Age" passed through each twist and turn of the path of  technology's evolution:  and our team has witnessed every minor and major iteration, 

  • IBM Mainframes were the workhorses, batch programming made the world go around, and Cobol was the life's blood of corporate computing.

  • Hard-wired local peer to peer networks were the threshold of distributed systems, and personal computers were "future Think" 


  • We watched the internet take it's first breath as it broke the womb of conception and became reality: and were amazed when AOL and a 56K modem changed our user-experience forever.

Since that time we have successfully recruited likely every known skillset, function, tool, and technology within the information technology spectrum. 


 We know the industry, the market and how to engage those well-qualified technologists our clients need for their projects or internal teams.

Behind us is a long history of successful search and recruitment for  Local/National and Global IT markets up to executive levels.

We possess the knowledge and experience needed to meet common market demands as well as the strategic intelligence to deliver in emerging, and specialized niche skill-sets.

What Is The Scope Of Our Recruiting Focus? 
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Technical Roles

Engage the talented software technologists you need for application design, development and architecture

Functional Roles

Connect with the business savvy, management and leadership every successful organization requires to reach their goals


Get the hook-up with with the Engineers, Administrators, and Managers that keep your OS, Hardware, Networks, and systems performing at the highest levels

Cost of Services

A professional recruitment solution should never kill your hiring budget. At Accurasearch we manage our bottom-line to help yours!