Retained Service Solutions 

Although not held as the standard recruitment model the retained placement option will always provide a significantly better result

In a retained services agreement full exclusivity is delegated to the search agent and a mutual covenant that the role will only be hired through the direct efforts of the placement firm


This includes the understanding that neither 3rd party service providers nor the client's own company resources are actively working the role.


Designed For ROI

  • Creates a centralized partnership with the consultant serving as a single fully dedicated, fully vested agency.

  • Retained search is purely a marketing & engagement-driven process governed by exacting process, strategies and delivering best results. 

  • Retained search allows an agency to execute strategies to penetrate into a specific target market. 

  • The search strategy is specifically crafted to fit your organization's unique hiring needs.

  • The qualification process is balanced to create a value proposition that serves both the client and the candidate.

  • The consultant serves as a candidate advocate to fully understand the deeper motivators and the intangible factors behind engaging them.

  • Efforts are aimed at “Passive” candidates who may be open to an opportunity yet not actively pursuing other roles.

  • Dedicated workloads result in a significantly deeper level of service compared to Contingency Solutions.

    Exclusivity & Effectiveness

  • Exclusivity allows the retained consultant to serve as a true Agent in brokering the relationship.

  • Exclusivity allows for a streamlined recruitment process and a centralized channel for all candidate engagement..

  • Communication is much more exacting, responsive, dynamic and thorough than a contingency process. 

  • Engaging a retained consultant results in strategically focused efforts that lead to effective high market penetration.

  • A consultant functions with a common goal, responsive and direct communication with clients and stakeholders.

  • The retained search process is focused on identifying, engaging and hiring the very best overall candidate

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