Serving in Talent Acquisition for almost 30-years there's not much that surprises me anymore. From the beginning of my career I purposed to align myself within smaller agencies  which has given me a very comprehensive understanding of what makes a successful Recruitment Operation from the ground up.

I have seen the good, the bad the ugly and the uglier side of this business and no matter the odds I was fool enough to come back for more.


For the greater part of my career I have served as a Frontline Producer (Consistently booking $500K to $1 MM+ U.S in personal business) while burning the proverbial Midnight oil and week-end hours serving as  Leader building the needful Infrastructure, processes and systems to support the internal mechanisms of whatever organization I was aligned with.


I have floated between Agency and Corporate entities and I know full well the respective strengths and weaknesses of both models.

This has provided the opportunity to develop a unique skill-set and acquired competence that saw my involvement in literally every single  aspect of Talent Acquisition throughout my time in this industry.


My knowledge came largely through a boiler room culture where my baptism was by fire. In almost every role rather than anything that could be mistaken for structured training  I found myself thrown to the Wolves to produce results and ensure job security.

I quickly acclimated to Recruitment and became a Top Producer in the trenches of Frontline Talent Acquisition within the hustling. bustling Dog Eat Dog grind of a thriving U.S Information Technology sector.


For more than 20-years I have experienced great and consistent success as a Full-Life Cycle Recruiter focused on Diversified Information Technology.