Why Contingency Fails

This option offers a full Life cycle recruitment option.

Commonly multiple vendors are utilized with the understanding that no exclusivity is extended to any particular agent or firm.

​In this scenario the client may leverage our team as a peripheral effort, to complement their Internal resources AND/OR the efforts of other vendors who may be working on filling the same role.


  • Designed to create volume based on base activity and generate a large number of potential candidates in the shortest period of time.

  • Re-Enforces vendors and internal HR/in-house sourcing and recruitment efforts.

  • Creates a larger overall foot-print in the intended market or candidate pool.


  • Client/Vendor relationship with multiple parties who are engaged in wholly redundant efforts, with a common goal and zero common communication, or coordination among resources.

  • Employing multiple vendors creates redundancy of efforts and leads to high market SATURATION that can undermine recruitment activities.

  • The search process is focused on generating mass action and maximum exposure.

  • A contingency search is rarely able to execute strategically or to surgically penetrate into a specific skill-set or target market. 


  • The average contingency recruiter may have a typical workload of 20+ individual positions.

  • Extensive workloads result in significantly lower level of service compared to that of retained solutions.

  • Candidates often receive solicitations from multiple vendors on the same role which serves to undermine the credibility of the recruiter. 

  • The qualification process is almost totally "Client-Centric" and directed at "Matching" a Candidate's core skills, and experience to the functional or technical needs of the role.

  • There is little to no time vested into understanding a candidates deeper motivators or aligning their own goals with the long-term prospectus of the role. 

  • Recruiter's success in this model is largely driven by base metrics, quotas, and activity versus results.

  • Efforts are aimed at “Active” candidates generated by Job posting or those who are currently in the market and interviewing for multiple opportunities.

  • Recruiters in this model commit "Effort to Traction" and tend to commit the greatest effort to the points of least resistance. ie: "Picking The Low Hanging Fruit"

  • Likewise because their time is not compensated they have no incentive to dedicate to a specific search campaign or client above others.

  • Recruiters operate with a process focused on generating mass action and maximum exposure.

  • The best qualified candidates will often refuse to work with Agencies who do not have exclusive representation with a specific client or role.

  • Contingency Recruiters work from a TRANSACTIONAL model where the candidate is seen as a commodity resulting in a FEE/Commission. 

  • Scope of service is generally limited to the initial placement and ensuring a candidate fulfills the terms of any "Guarantee Policy" the firm offers.

Why Consider A Retained Recruitment Solution 
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